Report by Sebastien Neidig, Logan Elder & Abe Munnerlyn (aka: Dave)

Today is our last day, and it has been awesome! The day started out with breakfast, then discussion of what the day would consist of. Bro. Chuck brought us on a tour of what we hadn’t seen of Jerusalem I – the schools and classrooms, as well as the space where the clinic will be built. His vision for this place and for the people of Z’Orange is incredible, and in due time will save hundreds of people. After the tour, we split into 4 groups of 3 people, each with their own translator, and set about evangelizing and spreading the good news door to door. My group (Sebastien, Catherine and Stella) went to a man named Omane’s home. We began speaking with him – amazingly he had already heard the good news before! Bro. Chuck had visited and helped him build his house, and had told him about Jesus. Sadly though, he was hesitant about accepting Christ as his savior, because he said he owed satan an offering and if he didn’t fulfill it, he was afraid demons would kill his family.

Another group (Mrs. Elder, Becca, and Abe) got to pray with a desperate young woman who was sitting on the voodoo priest’s porch waiting to receive “healing.” We were able to claim the truth that JESUS is the great physician. The voodoo culture here is equal parts interesting, revolting and frightening – people take it so seriously, and it literally controls their lives through fear. The third group (Hailey, Chloe, Megan and Emma) ended up learning a lot about voodoo through the priest, who was more than willing to share what he believes. After he shared what he believes they talked about Christianity and discovered that his children and wife go to church at Jerusalem I! The final group (Logan, Julie and Emily) was incredibly encouraged by the progress that has been made in the time Bro. Chuck has been here, because they did not run into a single person who wasn’t a Christian.

After all this, we went to eat lunch which was, as always, fantastic. Then a merchant Bro. Chuck had invited came to the mission house to offer us some souvenirs at great discounts. After shopping we pumped up one of the soccer balls and played for 2-3 hours with some of the kids at Jerusalem I. We finished out the day with worship with the kids we’ve been investing in and hanging out with. It has been so amazing to be with these kids; they have been as much a blessing to us, if not more, as we have been to them. We’re super excited about the finishing leg of our trip in northern Haiti with Haiti Hospital Appeal. We have a 7-hour trip ahead of us, and we’re ready to see what God has in store for us!

Haiti January 3, 2015
Haiti January 1, 2015