Report by Julie Duttweiler & Stella Lee

We had a wonderful and beautiful day! We spent our morning at a voodoo village playing games with the children, and we performed a skit for the village. We performed the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. The voodoo priest’s name is Daniel – so cool how the Lord purposefully placed this book of the Bible on our hearts to share with these people! Later in the day, we performed the same skit again at an orphanage and in a church. Throughout the day, it was awesome to express love to the people even with a communication barrier. After lunch we hiked our way to an orphanage. We enjoyed playing soccer and drawing with the children and seeing their joyful faces. After dinner, we climbed into the army truck with a group of local Haitians and drove to Jerusalem IV, a church.

We attended the first service of the new year! The community has so much passion for the Lord – worship was exciting and powerful! When we were ready to return to the mission house the army truck engine wouldn’t start; we learned the power of prayer tonight as many people pushed the truck. Then the Lord answered our prayers, and the engine started! We sang praise songs on our journey back and we were in awe of the bright moon that lit our way home.

We hope your day was as adventurous as ours!

Haiti January 2, 2014
Haiti December 31, 2014