Report by Jola Casey

God has never disappointed me. I’ve been disappointed by the world, animals, weather, cars and lots of people. But God always delivers. Isn’t that what His promises are all about? Telling us who He is and what He is doing? He wants us to be part of the plan. I am so grateful that the Lord has called me to serve Him and His people everywhere, including Haiti. When God made it clear to me that He wanted me to minister to women and young girls in Haiti, I was taken aback. Women? They’re so complicated! I know–I am one! But in the process of this revelation, I have found that God has truly opened my eyes. I am amazed by the things He has shown me in the last two years. Women all over this world, especially in places like Haiti, are working hard, every day, in the heat and in poverty to care for their homes and their families in conditions that are horrendous. God has introduced me to so many women and young girls who have captured my heart.

Driving through the streets of Port-au-Prince yesterday, like every other time we’ve arrived in this country, we observed thousands of people in the streets, at markets, and driving in the crazy traffic. This time God allowed me to look right into the heart of the women carrying baskets of bananas on their heads, toting babies on their hips, and hurrying from one place to another. So many questions go through my head. “My sister, what is your life like? Do you have a home? Do you have children? Does your husband love and respect you? How many miles must you walk for water? What do you eat every day? Do you know the Lord?”

Last night before the sun went down we took a walk through the village, and we had dozens of children accompanying us. Near the end of the walk, we came upon three small huts where four paths come together. We met three elderly ladies who embraced us and loved us and wanted us to know everything about them–they wanted to touch us and wrap us up. I could have stayed there with them forever! For me, that’s what this is all about…making relationships and loving people. That is truly what Christ is asking us to do. In my mind, I can hear what some of these people are saying: “Do you see me? Do you really see me? Don’t turn away–talk to me and really hear me.”

On my last trip to Haiti, an interpreter shared with me that he came to know the Lord when a missionary came to his village. He said “I remember thinking the American missionaries were lovely and full of joy. I wanted to have the joy that they had.” Now, granted, not every Haitian is thrilled to see an American coming down the road. But God has walked this path before us and has prepared the way. Even when I’m at home, when I’m driving down the road and I wave at someone, they don’t always reciprocate.

So, continue to pray for all of us. For those of you at home, our team is amazing! Everyone is feeling good. Long day of travel yesterday and exhaustion last night…but we got a good night’s sleep and we were bright-eyed today. We thank you for praying for us. We feel it. Continue to pray for those we meet today and the next five days. Off we go to an orphanage to do VBS with the children!

Haiti April 6, 2016
Haiti April 4, 2016