From Pastor Dorleon :

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

In the name of Jesus Christ I greet all of you.

I want to thank God for the great privilege he gives to us to work together as one body with Truth Evangelistic Ministry. I thank God for giving us a good well, and I thank God for using you to provide this well for us in Z’Orange. I can tell you it is with joy and a happy heart I write you just to thank you, and all the church members and people in the community of Z’Orange can’t say thank God and you enough. We had the first well, and now we have another one–God’s grace. Thank you, thank you so much to everyone from the Truth Evangelistic Ministry who worked together for the realization of this well. May God bless all of you and keep all of you in perfect health.

Pastor Do, his wife, and his son Julio

Haiti April 7, 2012
Haiti April 1, 2012