I’m back in Haiti, and it is as if I never left–I’m right at home. Nothing has changed much here, except for the miracle of a new well. This morning Chuck G., Simon and I went into Port au Prince to meet Ginette to buy food for the team that will be coming in Monday for the Pastors’ Conference. (This team consists of Pastor Sean McMahon, Pastor Mark Mercer, Lane Thompson, Will Tiller, and me. Karl Leiber will be coming in the latter part of the week.) We met Ginette at One Stop Market in Port and purchased all the groceries, and I exchanged U.S. currency for gourds (Haitian currency). Afterward we headed back up to Z’Orange and unpacked, and made us a few sandwiches for lunch and left to go back to the Port. This time we needed ice and water. We have 5-gallon Culligan containers that we exchange, and we buy our ice at the ice house. It is absolutely amazing that we can now make two trips to Port and get back by 4:00 in the afternoon. Before the new road (which is in pretty bad shape now) and naturally the new Ford, we would be lucky to go to Port and get back before dark in one trip.

When we returned the people were anxiously awaiting Chuck G. to pull the generator out to start pumping water. He didn’t even get close to the pump with the generator and people were running home to get their buckets. It is a wonderful feeling to see the joy on peoples’ faces as the water flows into their buckets or gallon jugs. When Chuck G. first started the water distribution, he got a taste of Haitian chaos as people broke in line and put their buckets first, but Chuck would cut the water off or make them go to the back of the line. Now he has almost (you noticed almost) perfected the distribution. He now makes them line the buckets up, and he goes down the line filling the buckets. I can tell you that you cannot put a hair in between the buckets. Today he had one boy that brought his bucket right up to the front, and Chuck G. took it to the back of the line. The boy was upset, but he stayed in line until he got tired of waiting, and he moved his bucket up 4 or 5 buckets, and Chuck G. saw him. Chuck G took his bucket and put it all the way in the back again. The boy wanted to go back to his original place in line, and Chuck said NO–all the people laughed, except the boy. But when it was all over, the boy was fine. I told Chuck this is the only way we can teach discipline and order. Chuck G pumped over 1000 gallons of water for the community today.  Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Chuck G. is so well known now in Z’Orange now that I don’t know if they’re asking for me or him, unless they say Chuck de (two) which is Chuck G.

Tonight Chuck G. is showing one of the Jesus films. That is just one of his ministries–he is multi-talented–you have to be if you work in Haiti.

Tomorrow we will have Easter service, as I am sure you all will. Happy Easter from TEM from Haiti. We could not be here without your support. God bless!

Haiti April 8, 2012
Haiti April 4, 2012