Day 6

Cat:  Wednesday was the second day of the ladies conference. I did not sleep well the night before because I was still having some pain in my eyes. I am not a fan of wearing glasses, so it has been frustrating wearing them all week. I began praying and asked God to not let any hindrance get in the way of my doing what He had called me to do. When the women began arriving to the little open-air shed, I let them pass around a family photo, which may have been a mistake, because they began almost fighting to see the picture. When Jeff walked by to take a few pictures, they began clapping for Jeff. They were so excited to see him. They said that our daughter is beautiful!

I started off by sharing a shortened version of my testimony. I always enjoy sharing my testimony and pointing to Christ. A few things I shared with them: “Being a woman is fantastic. We can laugh together and cry together. God has given women many unique gifts. Women are essential to the church, and I believe that the church would not survive without us.” I taught the women about Jesus’ negative and positive emotions. Jesus showed many emotions, yet he never sinned. We can have the same response by using godly wisdom. Being able to teach/train women in ministry was a new and exciting experience for me. I have been on several mission trips but have never had this unique opportunity. I just hope it isn’t the last time!

Joaquin:  John 10:11 – “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” Six days ago on April 10th, we began an extraordinary journey with God. On the road to the mission house, we saw some of the devastation caused by the earthquake and how many of the displaced had taken refuge in makeshift camps on private land. We saw a people that will not give up, but also a people that need Jesus. We arrived at the mission house, where we were greeted by children eager to know us and filled with questions. My teaching assignments have been extra classy – or should I say, awesome. The pastors, lay leaders, and Sunday school teachers pay close attention to our every word. The interpreters do a marvelous job of getting our message across. But, the best part of each session comes from their questions. They asked about how to understand their calling; how to and whom to reach for Jesus?; is it ok for a woman whose husband is not a Christian to give his money to the church?; should we make friends with voodoo priests in order to share Jesus? For the most part we got questions that seek practical answers. What we see and hear is a desire to know more about living a Christian life, and how the scriptures pertain to them and their congregations.

We were a witness to the awesome power of the Spirit. The day started as each day has, with a wonderful Bible study, hours of teaching and answering questions, and an afternoon trip to Daniel’s village. Daniel is the voodoo priest. We asked him how he was feeling (he had fallen off a donkey and hit his head); we had provided him some medication, and he said he felt better. He gave us a tour of his places of worship, and I silently prayed for the Spirit of God to come and destroy this place of idolatry and to touch Daniel’s heart that he might give his life to him. Later that night, I was blessed as I witnessed the awesomeness of God while attending a little church, Jerusalem IV, where there was standing room only. A bare dirt floor, canvas walls, and a pouring rain could not tamper with the Holy Spirit as it was poured out over each of us. My God is an awesome God; He is at work in Haiti! (A personal note: Jeff Leopard and I made a visit to Daniel, the voodoo priest, at his village. Pray for Daniel that the Holy Spirit will touch his heart. Pray for the team as we continue to minister – Matthew 25:35-40.) Isaiah 40:8

Haiti April 18, 2014
Haiti April 16, 2014