Day 7

Philip:  Today is our last day in Z’orange. It has been a great week worshiping and working with my Haitian brothers and sisters. God has been visibly working here, and I’m thankful to be a part of the work He is doing in this remote valley. With our mission now almost completed, we are spending the day with a little rest and recreation. A few of us took a final stroll through the valley visiting with some of the people, including a voodoo priest who Bro. Chuck has been witnessing to for several years. I had the opportunity to pray for this man’s salvation and for the healing of his sick, 1-month-old daughter. It was a wonderful experience. We also did some souvenir shopping from a merchant who brought his store of goods to the mission house. All we have left to do is pack and clean up in preparation for our departure early Saturday morning.

After being in Z’Orange for a week, I was starting to get accustomed to this place and the simplicity of life these people have. Although life is hard for them, they appear to be content, happy and at peace. Isn’t that what we all long for in life? Tomorrow the team will go back to the real world; we return to our busy schedules and increasing obligations, many of which we bring on ourselves. It will be good to be home again, and especially to be with my wife Jackie. But I hope the memories of this week’s experiences will continue to be with me to remind me what life is really all about. Life is about loving God and other people with the same love God has for us, regardless of who they are.

I am very grateful to the members of our team from Walterboro: Jeff & Cat Leopard, Vonda, Samantha, & Lance Calcutt, Ralph & Betty Warren, Joaquin Gonzales, and Lori Nolte. They all gave of themselves for the glory of God. It has been a joy to serve with them this week.

Haiti April 19, 2014
Haiti April 17, 2014