Today was a busy day. We got up around 6 a.m., grabbed a quick cup of coffee, and headed for Port au Prince. I needed to get the oil changed at the Ford dealership, and it seems I never have time when teams are here. After dropping the Ford off, I had Jojo, a good friend, pick us up and take us on a little sightseeing tour of the Palace and other earthquake areas. (We are blessed to have Rocky Bayou Christian School joining us in June, and we want to show them more of Haiti than just Z’Orange.) We also drove up to the Baptist Mission, which is past Petionville, where most of the more well to do people live. There are many beautiful homes on this plush mountain, and the temperature is actually cool. We think this will make a good outing for one of the days that the team is here. It will be an all-day trip, if nothing else because of the traffic through Port.

We got back to the dealership about 12:30 and picked up the Ford. Chuck G wanted to go look at some side-by-side ATV’s, but we couldn’t find any. We do have a phone number to call tomorrow where there may be a Polaris ATV. Not only has the Lord laid on Chuck’s heart to show the Jesus film all through this valley, but since he has been distributing water he has seen the need to help the elderly. God’s vision for him is to take water to the elderly here who can’t come and get water–some of them can hardly carry the heavy buckets. With an ATV, not only could he take water to the elderly, but he could also take the Jesus film, with a generator. We are praying that God will provide for this vision – there is no doubt in my mind that He will. He never gives us a vision and then doesn’t provide for it. If you would like some of this blessing, just let us know. As you can tell by the photos of people lined up to get water, the well is such a blessing. We can’t even imagine not having water, and if we had to carry it in buckets we would be complaining, but they are praising God! What a blessing it is for us to see the joy.

We got back to the mission house about 3 p.m. and had a late lunch, then Chuck began pumping water for the neighborhood. He was training Pastor John Renel, who will be distributing water to the people when we are not here.

After the water distribution, we loaded up the Jesus film and left for Daniel’s voodoo village. This is the first time we have shown the Jesus film in a voodoo village. Chuck had mentioned it, and I had thought about it, so last night I said let’s do it – where would Jesus go but into the darkness to shine His light? It’s a little different going into the village at night, as you can see by the photos. Most of the people had never seen a video before, and they were mesmerized. It started out with about 10 kids and rapidly grew to over 60. Now, not only have they heard the Word, they have seen the Word! I believe with all my heart that this village will one day be a Christian village. We planted a seed here in 2005, and through the many teams over the years it has been watered. I know my Lord will make the increase in His timing. I pray one day they will come to us and ask us to build them a church right over the spot where the voodoo temple is. The Haitians have a saying here: “stomp on satan.” This would be the ultimate stomp on him!

Please be praying for wisdom for TEM as we continue to shine His Light. We can do nothing without prayer.

Haiti April 18, 2012
Haiti April 16, 2012