Today we had a lazy morning, because we didn’t have to be anywhere at any certain time. We had breakfast and then we went to a couple of beach areas about an hour from here to see where would be a good place to take the Rocky Bayou Christian School team for a day of fun. They are going to be here for 13 days, and I think this would be a good break for them. We found a great place that even has a volleyball area on the beach.

When we got back, we had lunch and began cleaning up the mission house and packing for tomorrow’s trip home. We have painted and done a lot of little things that will help us timewise when we return. Chuck G went to get some pictures of a man named Roman using a Proclaimer, which is a little black box that has the complete Audio Bible on it in Haitian Creole. It can be charged with electricity or solar, or you can wind it up. Faith by Hearing Ministry has given Chuck some of these, and they are great; I have brought several over myself. What is really interesting is that Roman is part of the voodoo village, and he is walking around everywhere with his Proclaimer, and people are listening to the Word of God, including himself. He also saw the Jesus film last night. We know that God’s Word does not come back void. I know there will be fruit in this voodoo area when God decides the time is right; we just keep watering the seed.

Tomorrow Chuck G will be leaving about 9 a.m., and I leave about 2 p.m to go home for about a month. We both will be returning on May 24.

As most of you know, we have been praying about land to grow food on to help TEM pay its teachers and pastors. I have told Pastor Do many times that I don’t want to be doing the same thing that we are now, 10 years from now. The Haitian people need to be able to be self-sufficient – I like to say God-sufficient. I would like to see us pay the first workers to work the land and take the harvest to the market, and put the profits back into the ministry to pay teachers and pastors. I don’t think that we should just continue to give. We need to help them learn about business and how to budget their money. There are ministries that have been here 30 years, and they just continue to give. I have even been told this will not work, but I know God can do anything if we believe.

We would also like to build a clinic on this land–not just another clinic, but one that will have a surgery room, where we can bring American doctors, and they can save lives. People die here from hernias and other minor conditions that are outpatient surgeries in the States.

We have made an offer for the land, and they have come back and said they will take $2,750 for almost 2 acres. To get the land surveyed and titled will be another $1,000-1500.  I told them I would give them an answer as soon as I could. If the Lord touches your heart to help purchase this land, please call or email me. And please be praying about this piece of property. It is very unusual that land comes up for sale here and, of all things, it joins the property that we already own in Jerusalem IV.

Thank you for all your prayers.

Haiti May 26, 2012
Haiti April 17, 2012