For many of us, in a few short weeks College Football kicks off. We will be dressed to the hilt wearing our favorite jerseys, hats and team colors. We will spend the day before picking out just the right food and beverages for game day. When the big day finally arrives we will gather with our friends either in front of the biggest wide screen tv that we can find or drive to the nearest college town to see the game in person. This is an event that we won’t miss. After all it’s Football!

Finally, the whistle blows and the game starts. We rush to our feet, we cheer, we scream and we lift our hands along with eighty thousand of our closet friends. This is so exciting! We love our team win or lose. For the next four hours we are consumed with emotions. Go Team!

Wouldn’t it be something if we felt this way about Jesus? And our Church? If we carried the same passion into our Hearts as when we cheered for our favorite team. Or when we worshiped we would lift our hands and call on the Name of Jesus and really meant it.

It’s OK to have hobbies and sports and outside activities. But we need to focus on the One that really matters. Jesus. This life is transitory. We are only here for just a blink of an eye or whisper of smoke. Our life matters when we help others. When we help the poor and the down trodden. When we seek the lost. When we love the least. Want to get excited about a win? Show someone the Way by sharing the Gospel. Carry a meal to those that have not. Support a Mission that feeds the Hungry and cares for the Lost.

Our missionary friends Bob and Sherry always say, “Love is something that you do”.

Now that’s something to get excited about!

“Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’
Matthew 22:37

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