What a glorious day we had on our final day in Polo. We visited folks in need and saw some of the beautiful sites in the mountains of the region. The cool mountain air produced a rain forest like atmosphere with lovely flora and birds of the air. The hills were abundant with banana, avocado and other fruit trees. And coffee was the chosen nectar of this special place. A real life garden of Eden. What a wonderful place to do God’s work.

We started at Johnnie’s home which was down an old and dusty dirt road. Her home was a mix of block and mud and added-on scrap board. It couldn’t have been more than 600 square feet. Unfortunately, the tin roof has many rust holes and is unlevel causing back wash into the house. We assessed the damage and hoped that we would be back soon to repair the roof.

Next door, was Pastor Darren former home and mission house. We were allowed to tour the upstairs and the downstairs and hear stories of how it was completed by our own folks from South Carolina. The upstairs was built for the Pastor, his wife and ten children. The downstairs was dormitory style built with many rooms to accommodate teams the many teams that had visited. Some of the local Baptist Church men showed up to greet us.

Completing our tour of the mountain village, we drove around the country side seeing the sites of this beautiful place. God was surely in this Valley! Everywhere we went, we were greeted by smiling faces and friendly hugs. The people were so glad that we had come to mission in their hometown.

Finally, it was time to attend the Wednesday Church service. Pastor Darren preached a really poignant sermon on how Jesus shed his blood for all. But the one thing that made my heart soar was Pastor Matio’s four year old twins singing “Victory in Jesus”. Every time we got to the stanza Victory in Jesus they would sing it out. This made me think that we should all be excited about our Savior in the same way.

There is Victory in our Jesus!

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Polo Day 2 - Same Island, Different Place