Yesterday we spent the day visiting with the leaders of Polo. We met with the Moses, who was the head of the Fire Dept. He welcomed us into the Firehouse and served us coffee. We sat around in a circle drinking coffee and listening to Pastor Darren catch up with the crew. They were speaking in Spanish, so we couldn’t understand what they were saying but they appeared to be having a good time.

After we finished, Moses invited us to visit his house which was just a short walk down the block. When we arrived there, his wife and daughters met us and invited us into their small home. It was a fun visit. Pastor Darren told us about how Hurricane George had swept their home down the mountain a day after their fourth child was born. We got to meet her and her one year old daughter. They have a beautiful family!

From there, we were invited by Sucret, the hospital administrator, to tour the local hospital. He took us to almost every room in the building. It was a very modern facility. We were impressed.

Afterwards Pastor Mateo invited us to visit his Church. It was a basic block building with a tin roof. He was telling us that his congregation had out grown the building and was needing a larger space. We talked about how we could add onto the building or even rebuild. He invited us back for evening services on Wednesday-which we gladly accepted.

Final Day in Polo - Victory in Jesus!
We Made It To Polo!