This was my last night in St. Louis and it could not have been any better. There was a mission’s dinner at Harvester Baptist Church of St. Charles, sponsored by Global Compassion Ministries. We had several ministries under one roof: Global Compassion Ministries, Truth Evangelistic Ministry, Sustainable Food Ministries and Karl Leiber spoke on behalf of the Unger family who just got back from a three month stay in Haiti. Between all of us we have been to Mexico, Honduras, Israel, Haiti and India in the last thirteen months, not counting the ministries that we do in the States spreading the Good News of our Lord. It was awesome to be around so many brothers and sisters in Christ. We had a great time discussing what God has had us do and what His plans are for us in the future. I know God smiles when He sees us all working together for His Glory.

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March 18, 2008
February 27, 2008 First Baptist of Fenton, MO