My good friend, Ed Stanley, invited me to speak at First Baptist of Fenton, MO. I have spoken there before and it was great to see some of the same people this trip. As usual I had a fantastic time sharing what TEM has been involved in and where the Lord is leading us. Ed and Laura Stanley were gracious enough to have me stay at their house, and we had a wonderful time visiting and talking about the last Haiti trip that Ed went on with Global Compassion Ministries, out of St. Charles, MO.

Friday, Ed bought me a big breakfast at Cracker Barrel and took me to Karl Leiber’s home. I will stay here for the rest of my trip till I leave Saturday morning. I will have all day to catch up on some things and have a night of rest. This is the first night that I have not been speaking since Sunday. It’s been great.

Tomorrow I will be meeting with different ministries to discuss where we all are and where we are going and how we can all work together. There is nothing I believe the Lord loves better than when different ministries and denominations work together for His glory.

February 29, 2008 Ministry Dinner
February 23-26, 2008 Ham's Prairie Christian Church