Apologies for the late entry to our website. As some of you know I was very sick for a while and spent a little time in the hospital. Praise the Lord, I am much better now. I went back to Haiti December 2-6 for several purposes:  to make the payroll for all the teachers and pastors for the month of December, to get things started with the clinic/hospital, to take money to buy materials for the roof of the Sunflower Mission House, and to find out the needs for Jerusalem IV Church.

I would love for some church to partner with Jerusalem IV. This church is full every time they have services, over 200 people in a makeshift structure that is wrapped with tarps that are full of holes — when it rains, everyone gets wet. The cost of the block and cement for the church building is estimated at $2000; after that they will need a roof. They will then be able to worship in their new church even though it will still need many more things added. The nice thing about working with Pastor Angelo of Jerusalem IV is that he has his congregation give to build their church…I love to help a church when they are giving to make their vision a reality.

For the people who have been watching the process of getting Gabriel II into the country, the truck is now at the mission house. It is a 5-ton truck, and it is awesome! Thank you all for the funds to purchase this truck and get it through Customs.

I want to thank you all for your encouragement, prayers and gifts to TEM to make all these things possible.

Merry Christmas from TEM
Haiti November 1, 2018