You all have made every day Christmas for the people of Haiti with your generous gifts and prayers this past year. Jesus’s birthday is the only birthday that I’m aware of that everyone gets a gift except the person whose birthday it is. Let’s all give something to help others this year in the name of Jesus. I know we will all be blessed. We have several needs that I will share with you so you can become part of Jesus’s birthday.

1. We have been working on Jerusalem IV Church for a couple of years. We need $2000 to finish block and labor so that we can start the roof. This is a fast growing church with a dynamite pastor, Pastor Angelo. This church has over 200 people in attendance every time the doors are open. They also help with the construction and take up offerings to help build their church. There is a great opportunity for an American church to partner with them. Whatever money we receive we use to build on to the church — any amount will help.

2. We have been in need of a Honda 4-wheeler. I have not been able to go up to Jerusalem IV for about 5 years or more, because the mountain trail is too rough to drive on and I cannot walk up there anymore. There is a nice Honda 4-wheeler in Haiti for $21,000 — that covers insurance, tag and title. I know this sounds like a lot, but we had to pay $21,000 to get Gabriel out of Customs, so you can see it costs as much to ship a vehicle as it does to buy one.

3. We are always in need of ink cartridges for the school. The teachers print out all their exams, so they use a lot of ink. Each time I go I take some cartridges. They cost about $100 each.

4. When we got Gabriel out of Customs the batteries were dead so I bought 2 more. Now we need 2 as backup in case the others go dead. These cost about $150 each.

These are just some of the needs; we have new ones pop up every day. Each gift you give is so, so important. Large or small…God multiplies it all.

I want to thank everyone for the love and support you have given me.This year will be our 20th year to work in Haiti. That’s hard to believe, but you made it possible. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas celebrating out Lord’s birth.

Bro. Chuck & Shirley

January 18, 2019
December 13, 2018