I have lost count of how many bargain sales the seniors and others at Wright Baptist Church have held. I remember when we broke $2000 at one of our sales years ago, and we could not believe it. Last year, they held 3 sales, and averaged over $4000 each. This last sale, one of the days a rainy Saturday, God blessed us with over $6000–this is absolutely a miracle! They are selling things that people have given away, and God blesses everyone’s efforts.

One of our senior ladies, Gene Holmes, bakes from the time we end one sale until we begin to get ready for another. We have people who come just to buy her baked goods. Her ministry brought in over $850 at this sale.

I personally am so blessed to have a home church that not only supports TEM, but also supports and loves my family and me. Thank you Wright Baptist Church family, with all my heart. You have made the Pastor’s Conference in April possible, and more!

Haiti March 16, 2012
Haiti March 14, 2012