Today was grocery shopping day. We had told Ginette that we would meet her at One Stop Grocery at 9 a.m., but that was our plan. The traffic was horrible, and we had to stop by a hardware store to return a spray pump I bought yesterday. That took about 45 minutes; it wasn’t worth our time. We finally got to the store about 10 a.m., and Ginette had just arrived–we were all on Haitian time! She had the same problem we did with traffic. Simon, Chuck and I were the gophers for Ginette–whatever she needed, we got it and put it in the cart. After loading three carts, we went to the cash register. Our total was almost $800. And that’s not counting what we bought yesterday–everything in this country is so expensive!

After grocery shopping we headed home. The road we usually take is under construction now, so we have to travel roads that are crowded with traffic. Normally we could have made it home in an hour and a half, but it took us almost three hours. We were starving by the time we got back, about 3 p.m. We threw together a quick meal of turkey sandwiches and Cokes, and then began helping Ginette with the groceries.

When we were finished, Chuck and I took Gabriel for a test run–it ran great, with the best brakes we’ve ever had. Curt, an American mechanic, had put in a new master cylinder, and then later a Haitian mechanic bled the brakes. Chuck will be making his first trip to Port in Gabriel tomorrow, and I believe he is ready–the only way to learn is to do it. I am really blessed to have him here giving me a helping hand.

You may have noticed the photo of the hamburger, fries and Coke. Today is my birthday, and I had asked Ginette to make hamburgers for us if we could find ground beef–praise the Lord, they had it at the grocery! It was delicious, a perfect Happy (birthday) Meal.

Tomorrow we will pick up the team from Greater Little Rock Baptist Church of Pensacola, FL, in the afternoon. This will be Pastor Lonnie’s third trip, and it will be the second trip for the church members. The people here are happy to see them come back.

Please be praying for us this week–we are excited to see what our Father has prepared for us!


Haiti March 17, 2012
Bargain Sale March 1-3, 2012