Report from Brother Chuck
I was invited by Christa Whittaker to speak at the premiere of the musical, Joseph, at Fort Walton Beach High School. She had asked me before I went to Haiti and I said I would but I really didn’t know what it was really about. While I was in Haiti I had been talking to Will Tiller telling him how we need to get our Youth Pastor’s DVD out to other youth pastors because I had a feeling that next year we are going to have one of our largest youth groups. We are hoping to make it a two week trip because some schools get out at different times – two different teams. We have youth that are interested that live in Missouri and South Carolina.

To my surprise when Christa asked me to speak at the beginning of the play she told me that youth pastors from our area would be there with their kids and that they were going to take up a love offering for the children of Haiti. God is always ahead of me. He had already gathered the youth pastors for me. I had several come and talk with me and want us to come to their church to tell them more about the youth groups that we have taken to Haiti. That is one praise, and the other is that the youth pastors’ and student’s love offering totaled $1040.00. Hallelujah !!!!! This is so helpful as food prices have soared in just the last few months. One large bag of rice cost over $40.00 (American) and a bag of beans is over $70.00. Most people can’t even think of buying beans, and that is where they get their protein. The average Haitian has to buy a coffee can of rice a day to feed their families.

Thank you so much youth pastors and young people that care enough to give to the unfortunate of Haiti.

And yes, the play was delightful. It not only told the story of Joseph (in our public schools) but it did it in a wonderful way of music ranging from an Elvis singing Pharaoh to a dancing camel. I was amazed at the talent the young people have.

I would like to thank Christa Whitaker for thinking of Truth Evangelistic Ministry, everyone who worked so hard to present this play and, especially, the students – great job.

Also, I would like to thank Will Tiller, Brittany Tiller, Clint Downing, Adam Downing and Matt Gee for coming to share their experiences from their recent mission trip to Haiti. Unfortunately there was no time for them to share but I just want to thank them for their obedience to the Lord to be willing to come.

April 10, 2008 Brother Chuck Speaks at Rocky Bayou Christian School
March 18 - April 4, 2008