I am asked all the time, why do I travel so far away on my mission trips when there are lost to be found in my neighborhood. I usually reply, “God has called us all to Go and make disciples”. Part of it for me is act of obedience and the other part is a love of God’s people.

Jesus, said “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Maybe if we follow in his footsteps then we will find the one who needs to hear the Gospel

I have been on many Mission trips over the years. It takes all different types of people when we go. You have the worker who focuses on the project. They are the Builders. You have the leaders of the group who are the organizers. They focus on the itinerary. “Must be here and do this activity at a certain time”. You have the worker who loves to be with the children. They love to cut, color and paste. They dance along and sing silly songs with the kids. And let forget the medic or doctor who cares about their physical needs. I have seen nurses hold their hands while they gently care for their wounds. Finally, the teachers who teach, and the preachers who preach the Word of God.

Why do we travel so far? Because we love God’s people! Our hope is that none shall perish and that all will find salvation. We tend to their physical and their spiritual needs. We are planning a couple more trips this year, Won’t you come with us?

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