Bill Chambless and I arrived this afternoon to find, not to our surprise, the cost of everything has risen. It isn’t as bad in Port-au-Prince as it is in the Northwest of Haiti. The cost of a gallon of gasoline in Port is over $7.00 (US) but in the Northwest they are charging $14.00 to $16.00 (US). Food is very limited, and they haven’t had any trucks to bring in supplies for weeks because of the roads and bridges that are out.

The story in Gonaives is that yes, ships are bringing food in but they are not distributing it and it is being stolen and sold elsewhere. A good friend of mine, Delesonne, has a brother and sister there and we are going to send them food and water tomorrow. It really is a bad situation.

I ordered some food for us to try to take to Z’Orangé tomorrow. We first have to go to Love A Child, which is a wonderful organization that allows us to keep our truck there, to pick it up. Pray that we will be able to crank it, get fuel for it and, most of all, be able to pass over the bridges and the roads in the mountains. Pastor Dorleon said he would have men working on it so we could pass. Unfortunately last night and this evening it rained very hard, which will make things even worse.

But I know that we have a God that loves to take the impossible and make it possible. When there seems to be no way, He said I am the Way. What a wonderful, faithful God we serve!

I want to thank everyone who makes it possible for me to be here to do HIS work. It takes the whole body of Christ to do His work. God bless.


September 17, 2008
September 7, 2008 TEM Van