Pastor Wesley

I was invited to preach at Greater Little Rock Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, last Sunday, and what an honor and privilege it was! Pastor Lonnie Wesley had sent me an invitation when I was in Haiti to come and give the message, and to speak about the upcoming trip that members of his church will take to Haiti in March 2012. This will be the third year that Pastor Lonnie will return to Haiti. Last year Greater Little Rock sent a medical and VBS team–this is the first African American church to ever go with TEM to Haiti. I know the Lord loves it when we see, as He does, no color differences. I cannot tell you how welcomed I was, and am, at this church. Greater Little Rock Baptist Church breaks all barriers of race, color and prejudice. I thank God that He has partnered us with such Godly men and women.

If you are ever in Pensacola and want to go to a Spirit-filled House of God, go to Greater Little Rock Baptist Church, 901 N. “A” Street, Pensacola, FL  32501, phone (850) 433-4787.

Tallahassee February 26, 2012
Haiti January 21, 2012