The Team’s Last Day

We had a busy morning getting ready to leave. We did inventory, so that we will know what we need to bring on the next trip, we got all of our bags packed and we cleaned up our areas. We ate as usual at 7am and then Ginette led our devotion. Ginette normally only cooks for us but this year she helped Kathy with VBS and she also helped the medical team. Usually she is rather shy but she really blossomed this time as she worked with the team.

We left Z’OrangĂ© at 9:30 and made it down the mountain okay but when we got into Port, the truck started running hot and we had to pull over. I realized that we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so I got 3 tap taps to take everyone, except Joe and myself, to the CSI house. Tap taps are little trucks or vans that the locals use to get around town. They are usually very old and run down and trust me, these were very old and run down. Joe and I, along with some of my Haitian friends, pulled the radiator off of the truck and took it to a shop to have it welded. We put it back in the truck and we were off once again. After only a few minutes it started running hot again but it made it to the CSI house.

The team had gone down the street from the CSI house to a French fast food restaurant, which serves American as well, and had a delicious lunch. They had hamburgers, ice cream and cheese cake. They deserved it!

After dinner we had a meeting on the top of the CSI house and talked about what God had done in our lives during this trip. I can’t truly explain the closeness of this team. We worked together for our Lord and really got to know each other by giving our testimonies each night. This was a very special team for me because it just evolved with people from all over the United States. When it originally seemed as if only 3 or 4 people would be going on this trip, the Lord touched hearts from Kansas City MO, St. Louis, MO, South Carolina, Virginia, and Florida to make this team. Each one of them has such a passion for our Lord and a desire to do more for Him. They have tasted the Lord and they know He is good. I am so blessed to have people like this around me.

November 10, 2007
November 8, 2007