Another wonderful day with our Lord; His mercies are renewed each day, praise God! We had a night of rain, which made it cooler, which made it sleeping weather. Even the rats came in and slept right above us (only in Haiti). Some chickens came in in the middle of the night and George ran them out. When the rain quit we had some voodoo drums off in the distance but besides all this, it was a typical night in Haiti.

We woke up about 5:30 a.m. and had our Haitian breakfast of Bran Flakes and Pop Tarts with juice. Well maybe it was American. Afterward we went to John Wesley’s (voodoo priest) house and prayed for his wife who is pregnant. Then we went to Daniel’s village where we had over 20 people again waiting on us, ranging from voodoo priests to people of the voodoo village. We finished up Chapter 10 and everyone seemed to be attentive. It’s sometimes hard to keep people attentive for 3 hours but they did well. We have a break at 10:00 and give everyone bread and juice, including the children that are hanging around. It just amazes me that God would have us in a voodoo village in Haiti teaching the Gospel of John and watching the voodoo priests highlighting passages in the bible.

When we finished we went back to our village and had lunch and then started our hike up the mountain to Jerusalem II. It takes over two hours with over 75% of it up the side of a mountain. Jerusalem II is the mission church of Jerusalem Baptist Church. We have watched them grow over three years and now they have over 100 people. We saw them start with a thatch roof with tree limbs holding them up to having to sew rice bags together for a tarp roof after a storm. Now, praise God, God has put it on the hearts of Truth Evangelistic Ministry and others to help them build a church. We buy what we can when we have the money and now the walls are half way up. Everything has to be taken up the mountain by donkeys and mules. The people are so excited about their church being built and know that it is an answer to their prayers. Take a look at the pictures and if God touches your heart to help in this project, please call me for more information at 850-582-1458.

When we returned, which seemed to take forever coming down the mountain, Ginette had dinner ready for us. We were more than a little tired and sore after the trip but God put the clouds in front of the sun most of the way so it wasn’t as hot as it could have been.

As we were waiting on church I had a young man come to our door and ask for me. I asked him what he wanted and he told me he had two people that wanted to accept Christ. Well I immediately got up and George went with me and we told them about Christ and made sure they understood and they both said the sinner’s prayer. One said he was going to bring his wife and children tomorrow night to accept Christ. There is no doubt the Holy Spirit is in this valley.

Tonight Pastor Wisney preached on the grace of God. Sometimes I think we all need to remember that we are all sinners and only by His grace and mercy have we been forgiven. And where much grace is received must grace needs to be given to others.

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June 25, 2008
June 23, 2008