After driving military trucks for about ten years and a 1992 Ford van for the last year and a half, TEM has been blessed with a NEW 2011 Ford Everest Diesel SUV. Hallelujah!!!! Hallelujah!!! and AMEN. Take a look at the pictures to see what the Lord has done using the body of Christ. I cannot thank everyone who prayed and gave for such a needed gift enough. I really can’t comprehend it yet–that I can get into a vehicle and actually expect to get where I’m going. It is amazing that I don’t have to carry two tool boxes full of tools, brake fluid, motor oil, transmission fluid, coolant and a multitude of other things–just in case I need them, and most of the time I did.

When I was ready to leave the dealership, I noticed that the SUV didn’t have floor mats, so I went back inside to ask for floor mats, and he reluctantly gave them to me. Then when I got back in the Ford and started it, I noticed it had only about 1/8 of a tank of diesel in it. I went back in and told him that, in America, when you buy a new car they fill it up with fuel. He told me they don’t do that here, but if I wanted to I could drive around back, and they would give me half a tank. I said no problem, where do I go? As I was getting fuel I noticed that I only had one key for the ignition, so I went back in to see if I could get another key, and he told me that even though the keys look different, they are the same. Then he said I guess you want a key chain, too. Naturally I said yes, I do, and if you have anything else free I will take that as well. That was the end of the free gifts. Oh, well, you never know till you ask.

Thanks again. We have a mighty, awesome Father.

Haiti Update March 16, 2011
Update from India, March 13, 2011