Report from Annette Meyer and Michele Quillo

Day 6 on the worksite brought completion of two major projects. The “pew crew”, comprised of 7 Americans and 2 Haitians working in shifts, constructed 40 – 12 ft pews in 3 days. The “roofing crew” finished setting 17 trusses, to which the tin roof will be added on Monday. Late in the afternoon, several of the team assisted Pastor Harry with a food distribution to local children, courtesy of Love A Child. During lunch, Simon shared the story of his upbringing with a few of the team members, relaying how God has truly blessed him from the time of his mother’s death and his father’s abandonment when he was 3 mths old, to his Godly grandmother’s nurturing, an employer’s help with his education, and more recently, the assistance and mentoring by Chuck. What an encouragement and wonderful example of Christian ministry our Haitian friend Simon is to us.

Brother Chuck’s report

Today will be a short entry for me, because I will be preaching tomorrow at Z’Orange, and I need to be listening to what the Lord wants me to say. We really didn’t get a lot done today. After dropping the team off, Dottie and I went out to Love a Child to pick up food for her school. Pastor Harry picked up our food for the school in Z’Orange and for the Northwest. We took the van, and we had to stop about fifty times to let it sit before it would crank again. We did make it back, but I didn’t think I should try to take it back to the work site. Dottie knows a man who helps her do all kinds of things, he’s also a mechanic. We called him, and he came over about 2 p.m. He dropped the gas tank to see if there was trash in it and took the fuel pump out to see if the filter was clogged. There was no trash in the gas tank, which is amazing. The fuel pump worked while we had it out, but when we put it back together it didn’t work. He is going to come back tomorrow and see if he can fix it. If not, we will see if we can buy one here (that will be expensive). He left about 6 pm. Please be praying for the funds for the Land Cruiser that should be coming in February that we so desperately need for the ministry. Tomorrow we are taking the team up to Z’Orange for church, lunch and a visit around the valley to some churches and Daniel’s voodoo village. It will be a nice break for the team.

Haiti Update January 30, 2011
Haiti Update January 28, 2011