Report from Beverly Andrews

Well today we went to Jerusalem Four and I had the most amazing experience I ever had in my life. When the team first said the night before that we couldn’t go to their church the night before because of the rain I understood why. When we got there, I didn’t expect to see that their church was made out of sticks, blue tarp, and grass, but that’s what I saw.

As we started to go inside the church all of the children were still in school. They were so well dressed with their uniforms, I do believe they dress better than people in America and they don’t even know it. Once we gathered all of the children for VBS, the medical team started gathering people also. Ken Lawrence did an awesome job teaching the children about the Word of God. What was so amazing was that even though it was early in the morning and they didn’t have the best building, they were still engaging in the lesson. We later broke the children down into groups of about twenty and did the crafts with them which they loved.

When we came back from lunch, school was over so there were not as many children as the first session, but there was still people coming for the medical clinic. At first, VBS just did crafts and none of the children were interested, but we decided to pull out the balloons to see what would happen. All of a sudden, the children started to take the balloons and decorate the church. I think that was wonderful and again, people in America including me, would not have thought to do that at all. It started to rain towards the end, but VBS had already finished. The medical clinic on the other hand was not done, but they treated everyone that was in that line in the rain. I have seen and heard a lot of things that I never even dreamed of, but I know the Lord put me here on purpose so I can continue to make a difference at home.

Haiti Update April 29, 2011
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