We had our devotion by Karl this morning; it is always a joy to study and praise our Lord with other brothers. After the devotion we had breakfast and started our day.

Bill and I started by going up to the church and registering the students who didn’t register last month. I took their photos and measurements, and Bill wrote down the information. All of this will be emailed to our group in the States, and they will put the information on the website. Dr. Skip and Karl started a clinic to give some of the students physicals. It would be great if we could see them all, there just isn’t enough time. Tomorrow school is out, so that means we will see even fewer of them than we expected. Some of the little kids started screaming before they even saw the doctor. They were screaming when Karl was just trying to get their height. (Karl and I agree that when we grow up we don’t want to be doctors.) I think Karl was ready to go back to work doing anything else but, being the trooper he is, he stayed the course.

Pat and Joe continued their journey on shelves and benches for the bathrooms. They remodeled the way the shower curtains hang in the men’s and women’s bathrooms, and they look much better.

After lunch, Karl and Skip finished hanging a light and 2 ceiling fans in the bathroom in Pastor Do’s house. You can’t even imagine how happy he and his wife are – they are in their 60’s, and have never had an indoor toilet or shower. It is a blessing for us to be able to bless them!

Tomorrow will be our last day here, and we have several final projects to finish and then clean up. Again, I want thank everyone who prays for God’s Ministry here in Haiti.

Haiti September 21, 2012
Haiti September 19, 2012