Report by Pastor Richard

After three years of praying about going on a mission trip to Haiti, I received approval from God to go. I was both excited and apprehensive at the same time. I joined the medical mission team with Cheryl, a person from my church, and made arrangements to get my passport. I increased my travel specific prayers for the trip, expecting that God would be glorified as He used this team. Once all the plans were made, the plane tickets purchased, bags packed and repacked, we were on the plane headed to Atlanta and then to Haiti. Since Cheryl had been on numerous mission trips to Haiti, I had seen pictures and videos that she would return with and heard her testimony of the need, I was prepared for anything….or so I thought! We landed in Haiti, made our way through the airport and onto the truck that would take us to the Truth mission house; this was where God began to reveal the truth in the photographs and videos that Cheryl had shown at church. I was overcome with compassion for Haiti, and we hadn’t even left the city yet. I was blessed to see how the people entered into worship at church, they were out praising the platform. The Spirit of God is alive and well in Haiti, and I desire to have more. I am planning my next trip before I leave to go home!

Haiti November 1, 2018
Haiti October 30, 2018