Report by Fred

Day 4 of our missionary journey began with prayer for Simon. He was not feeling well, so the entire team prayed over him. We left him at the mission house to rest while we went to the church to start today’s clinical checkups. We had about 245 patients come for help. Things were a bit chaotic until we took control by issuing tickets. Nonetheless, we were able to pass out gift bags, family photos and medicine to all. We worked through lunch trying to accommodate all who stood in line for hours. We alternated shifts to get lunch, while loading Gabriel with medicine and supplies for our trip to Daniel’s voodoo village. We drove maybe a quarter of a mile up the rocky dirt road until we reached the pathway to walk across the creek which leads to the river. There is a lot of vegetation along the path; we had to have guides to get us through. Once we reached our destination, we had to improvise to set up an outdoor clinic. From the experience we had earlier in the day, we decided to organize before we started seeing patients. We devised a system that directed the patients to wait after their blood pressure was checked until one of the doctors was ready for them. We kept things together, and we managed to see all the patients at the voodoo village. Daniel gave remarks and showed his appreciation for the team. After we prayed together, we packed up all our supplies and returned to the mission house for dinner.

Haiti, Medical Update
Haiti November 19, 2012