This morning after devotion and breakfast we loaded up Gabriel for the trip up the mountain. This is the first real medical team we have ever taken up to this area. A few people have gone and helped with medical, but never a whole team. I led off with the Ford, and Karl was behind me with Gabriel loaded with the team, medical supplies, VBS materials, Bible story books and shoes.

Gabriel made it almost to the church but, for safety purposes, we left it about 15 minutes away, and the team carried the supplies in. The Ford made it all the way. People were anxiously waiting. There were about 50 people waiting for medical, and about the same for VBS. The numbers quickly multiplied. The team set up for medical in front of the church, and we were fortunate that there was a building outside where we could have VBS. Tyler and the team took in 12 children at a time, which made it very organized, and the children’s attention span was much better.

Ken, John, Harry, Tyler and I left about 11:00 to go back to the mission house. They all had projects to work on, and it gave me a chance to send photos and the entry for the website. We will be going to Jerusalem IV tonight and won’t be back until late.

The team came back about 4:00; the medical team had seen 380 people, and VBS had around 60 kids–that is amazing, praise the Lord!!

The most wonderful news is that Jerusalem IV is doing well. Since Pastor Fani died after a motorcycle accident, there has been a power struggle in the church. Pastor Fani had been married before, so there were two families trying to run the church. I met with them many times trying to explain that this church was God’s church, not theirs, and read scripture about how we are to forgive each other and reconcile our differences. Nothing seemed to work but prayer, and as we know, prayer works. I talked with Pastor Frank today and he said everything was fine and the church is finally coming back together. I guess if we only had a problem with one church out of four, God has blessed us. As we all know, if you have more than two people in a church there are going to be disagreements.

Report from Breyanna Agee

Praise God!! This is such a beautiful country. Every time we take a trip down to another village, or just go walking, I am amazed by its beauty. Today the medical and VBS clinics travelled up the mountain to Jerusalem 2. The trip up there was pretty intense–it’s all uphill. We travelled in a huge truck with Karl driving, and we made it up safely. We all enjoy riding in it.

When we got to the village, we started setting up the medical stuff. We were in their church so it was a little crowded, but not really bad. Like normal, before we even finish setting up there is a huge line of people who want to see the doctors. Once the doctors were ready, we started sending people up. Britta, Mrs. Pikka, Ashleigh, and I are all helping with the pharmacy part of the medical mission. We have never been so busy! We were running all over the place; grabbing vitamins, measuring liquids, and counting pills. It was really fun. By lunch time, we had seen over 100 people, most of them babies, so Dr. Schroeter (Mrs.) was extremely busy.

We took a short break to eat lunch. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!! Yummy. Then we got right back to work because there was such a huge line of people left. The day never slowed down. We were constantly busy, helping all the doctors get the right medications. By the end of the day, we had seen over 400 people! It was amazing. When we thought we were out of something, we would either find something else, or another bottle of it would just appear. Isn’t God amazing?

Once we had helped all the people we could, we left the village. Coming back down the mountain was really cool. I love looking at all the people while in the back of the truck. Some just stare at us, while others wave and smile. (We do get some really weird looks/expressions.) The kids still flock around us. Instead of just staring at us as we pull into the compound, they have started to wave and cheer. Now we love just pulling in!

Now, we are all eating dinner and shortly are going to be heading to Jerusalem 4 for church! Please remember to tell my mommy (and Ashleigh’s) about the website, because I’m not sure that she knows. We miss you all very much and are thankful for all the prayers. Bye!!! 🙂


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