Hello Everyone

This year has gone so fast. It’s hard to believe that it is almost over. I wanted to first thank you for your faithfulness with your giving!  Your gifts have definitely made a difference in the lives of our Haitian friends.  Over the past years together we have fed the hungry, given relief to the poor, healed the hurting and educated the children. The Glory of God has shone throughout this barren land.  And surely the Gospel was witnessed and heard.

Today, Haiti faces a complete melt down as a country.  The government has been effectively shut down by the assassnation of their President last Summer. No elections of government officials have been held in years.  In the meantime, Gangs have overtaken the land by force and are holding the people hostage. It has been three months since fuel was allowed to leave the port.  The UN has estimated that up to 5 million people face food insecurity. This place has become unsafe for the missionaries and their families.

 With that being said, we at Truth have decided to pull out of Haiti for the time being until it is safe.  Also, we have withdrawn the financial support that we have been sending the Churches and Schools until we know that it is going where it is supposed to be. We have heard reports that the UN, the US and Canada are arranging to send some sort of aide to the region. When that happens we can resume our mission in Haiti.

Many of you are sponsoring our schools with a monthly gift.  The Schools have not opened this year due to the gang violence and the withholding of the fuel. We thought it best to pause the sponsorship until things returned to normal. We wanted to let you know that you can continue to give to Truth under  the Mission’s fund or we can issue a refund for the last couple of months of the school sponsorship. Also, if you have given a gift to help the pastors, interpreters or anyone that you designated.  Please let us know how you would like to proceed.

This year, we plan to continue to build God’s Kingdom with short term Mission Trips.  We are planning to go to the Dominican Republic to work with the Haitian refugees up in the mountains of Polo. Also, we are planning a trip to Kenya, Africa to work with orphans at Naomi's Village. And finally, we may have an opportunity to partner with another organization and work in Peru.  Looks like a busy upcoming year for Truth.

Please continue to pray for our Haitian friends and family. Pray for peace and calm so that we can return. Pray for our upcoming short term mission trips. Finally, please continue to give so that we can share the love of Jesus. And again, Thank you for being so faithful! Together we can shine the light of Christ to all Nations!
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