Chuck Guerber and I arrived yesterday in Haiti. We were met by our Missions Director, Simon. (I told him I couldn’t pay him what he’s worth, but I could give him a title.) My flight came in first, and then Chuck G’s came in about 3 p.m. After we stopped and got some gas and groceries we headed to the mission house and got there before dark. It was an early night for both of us because of the early flights.

Today we got up around 5:30 a.m., thanks to Chuck G waking us up, to drive to Love A Child (, about 20 minutes from the Dominican Republic, to get our monthly food for the children. I had set my alarm wrong, so it was a good thing Chuck G got up early. We got there about 8:00. We are so blessed to have friends like Bobby and Sherry Burnette, the directors of Love A Child. The food that they distribute comes from ‘Feed My Starving Children’ ( in the States. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mark Crea, President of ‘Feed My Starving Children,’ and Matt Muraski, CEO, several times when they have visited Haiti. Again, the Lord has blessed TEM with these Christian brothers and sisters to help the children in Z’Orange. If you ever donate to these organizations, be assured that your donations are helping children.

When we arrived at Love A Child, we met Sherry in their old depot, working hard as she always does. She and some others were picking up soap from the floor where some boxes had burst and spilled, to give to everyone who came to get food. This is one director who is not afraid of work! Then we went over to the new depot to meet Bobby. He was his naturally cheerful self, always with a smile on his face, telling you that they love you. This new depot is huge! It was funded by Pastor Jentezen Franklin – another Christian who is a doer of the Word. I had the pleasure of meeting him several years ago.

After our visit we did a little shopping in Petionville, which is always a headache because of the traffic. Then we stopped at the One Stop Market, where we exchanged money and bought a few groceries for the next 4 or 5 days until the Rocky Bayou Christian School group comes in. When we finished our shopping we were blessed to get through the traffic in Port and get home around 3. We are now getting the mission house ready for the team – still have plenty to do. Please be praying for our preparations and the team’s safe travel.

Haiti June 4, 2013
May 21, 2013