There are a few photos here from Saturday night when we went to Daniel’s voodoo village and showed the Jesus film. We’ve shown it there so many times some of the children have memorized a lot of the words. I am always amazed how well behaved the children are during the film.

Yesterday after church the team did inventory of all the medications, then after dinner we went to Jerusalem IV for church. Now this church knows how to worship! Pastor Angelo started a song that ended up with everyone up and dancing, praising the Lord. They sang and danced for 30 minutes, non-stop. Afterward several Haitian groups sang, and the Americans sang a couple of songs for the Haitians. Then Pastor Terry preached the message. Gabriel took the team to the church and back.

Today we have been to Wahoo Beach Resort, about an 1-1/4 hour from the mission house. The group had a great time enjoying the Caribbean. God willing, the team members will be on their way home tomorrow. I will be sending a report to let you know they are on their way. Thank you for your prayers, and God bless you all!

Haiti May 24, 2016
Haiti May 22, 2016