Report by Cat Leopard

The trip has definitely been an interesting one. Jeff’s and Mikael’s luggage, some of Tami’s luggage, and another suitcase did not make it to Haiti with us on the first day. Bro. Chuck was able to recover 3 of the 4 suitcases on Sunday afternoon; one is still somewhere in airport land. The box that is labeled, “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL HAITI” is in the mysteriously disappeared suitcase. Pray that we will be able to recover the suitcase.

We have had a great time together as a team. We have really enjoyed getting to know Pastor Jeremy, Kristin, and Miranda Gates from Wright Baptist Church in Fort Walton Beach. Their presence has been deeply encouraging to us. Our translators are doing an amazing job! They go above and beyond what is required; not only do they translate for us, but they act out for us as well. They are very vibrant, animated, and full of joy.

We were able to worship Sunday evening with the local Haitian people. They came from a few different churches. Worship was an amazing experience, even for those of us who have been here before. The Haitians were playing homemade instruments and singing wholeheartedly. The worship was real and genuine; we all had fun dancing and clapping our hands. I didn’t care that I couldn’t dance. It didn’t matter if you couldn’t sing. We were all praising God in unity, singing in at least 2 different languages.

We did our first VBS this morning at the mission house. We had 3 different stations for the children and separated them into different age groups: older, middle, and younger. Two of our translators rounded up the children. Caroline did a great job organizing and leading the VBS. Tami taught all of the children how to do sign language for “Jesus Loves Me.” Maya told the story of Creation while some of the kids acted out the story. Kristin and Leroy did an excellent job playing games with the students. All of the other team members did whatever we asked of them.

Everyone has had a very positive attitude and a servant’s heart. Every team member brings different gifts and talents. I praise God for the team that He has put together!! Continue to pray for us.


Report by Neil Ulmer

Today while several teammates were doing VBS, 5 men (Philip, Jeff, Jeremy, Lane, and myself) were teaching at the Pastors Conference. I was pretty concerned when I asked Phil back in February what we would be teaching at our Pastors Conference. He said, “Whatever you want to talk about.” Don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen how the Holy Spirit can take this morning’s devotion and tie it to this evening’s worship service. But, here we have 5 different men from various backgrounds, thought processes, points of view, etc. It is nothing short of a miracle that we are all on the same subject matter. God has done this. We developed our lessons apart and God brought them together. Beniswa Lentenel! Praise the Lord!

Haiti March 31, 2015
Haiti March 29, 2015