Yesterday was the final day of the Pastors Conference, and at the end the people applauded all their teachers for about 3 to 4 minutes. Pastor Do said it was the best conference ever. They all received their diplomas, and then we took a break for lunch. Afterward we all went to the market, and some of the pastors went with us to practice what they had been taught about witnessing. Pastor John and Pastor Fred led them into the market while I took the Americans through the market so they could see what is sold there. So many people think that it will be great to go to the market and buy something to take home. This is not that kind of market – unless you want to take home a live chicken or some peas, corn, beans and rice. I think everyone was pretty fascinated with the tour.

When we finished the tour I took them up to Jerusalem IV to show them the little church that is mostly tarp now – it used to be covered with woven leaves. Only part of it has tin, and when it rains the people get wet. Pastor Angelo is asking me if we can help. What is so wonderful about this young pastor is that he truly has a servant’s heart. When we have medical clinic, he always waits until all the people from the area are seen before he and his family will be seen. Each night when Chuck G picked up the congregation at Jerusalem IV to bring them down to the main church, Pastor Angelo would ride with Chuck to pick them up and ride back to make sure they got home safely. He stayed here with the other pastors during the conference. One time after he made sure all his people were on the truck, there was no room for him. He gladly volunteered to take a motorcycle, but Chuck had a seat available up front with him. I tell you these things because that is not the norm here in Haiti. Usually, pastors will make sure they and their families are first, then the congregation, and then the other people in the area.

Another thing I really like about Pastor Angelo is that he doesn’t want me to have to pay for any labor at his church. He said his church will do all the work, if we can just help him purchase the materials he needs. You will see his church in the photos – notice the lack of tin they have – and also you will see the benches they have to sit on. He has over 200 people in his little church, and over half of them have to stand up for lack of seats. He needs about 50 benches made. I believe we can buy the materials for about $15 a bench. An estimate on the tin is about 100 sheets, which would cost about $500. This is a cheaper tin than what we use, but I don’t want to put anything too expensive on, because I know the Lord is going to build them a church one day. We own the land, and were just waiting on the Lord to provide the funds. This will be an exciting project, because it will not cost us anything in labor. We just have to supply materials as we did at Jerusalem II. If the Lord puts it on your heart to help this small church please contact us, or just go to Paypal and send a gift, or send a check to TEM, 1945 Patrician Way, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547. You can call me anytime at 850-582-1458.

The team has had a restful day today. I took Pastor John to the airport today so that he could get home in time to be at Wright Baptist for one of our church functions tomorrow, and the rest of the team took some walks and started packing and helping clean the mission house. After lunch I had a friend of mine come up with some of his Haitian merchandise so the team could buy some gifts to take home. I think everyone bought something, which is such a big help for this young merchant’s family. In the morning we will be taking the team to the airport about 8:30 a.m., and God willing you will see them tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for all your prayers.

Haiti March 30, 2013
Haiti March 28, 2013