Report by Darby

Each day I try to make a point to give thanks, because I’ve learned that thankfulness helps guard your heart. Being here in Haiti has furthered that gratitude for God’s many blessings. One of God’s blessings was being able to come here and interact with His people of a different background culturally, economically, and geographically. I’ve taken notice of the ‘sway’ (joy) of the people and, although I have a joy of my own, it has been quite humbling to witness. I’ve learned several Creole phrases and words interacting with the kids and people of Haiti, but I’ve learned that a smile and holding someone’s hand goes a long way – it doesn’t hurt to be silly either. God is not limited by language or region. There is no power on heaven or on earth, no height nor depth that could separate us from His love. He is just that powerful! Coming here and seeing His glory in the midst of poverty, dirty feet, and a Creole version of ‘Jesus Loves Me’ has, again, been such a blessing. Our God is great. His name be praised forever – in Creole, English, Spanish, French, and in every language. One day we will all be crying the same thing: “Holy, holy, holy is our Lord God Almighty.”

Haiti March 15, 2018
Haiti March 13, 2018