I returned to Haiti on Thursday, June 5, to prepare for the Wright Baptist Church team (my home church) and found things normal – chaotic . . . it’s Haiti – if it were any different I would think I had landed on the wrong island.

Gabriel was wrecked recently, and we are told that it will be out of the shop tomorrow and ‘ready to run,’ but I have learned the Haitian ‘ready to run’ is not the same as our ready to run. I asked the man who was fixing it if the mirrors were okay, and he said yes. Then I asked him again, but this time I asked if both mirrors were okay, and he said “Oh, no the left one is broken.” This is what I’m talking about, so tomorrow we’ll see what it looks like and if it runs.

Friday and Saturday we fed the kids, as you can see in the photos – we fed the school kids and the local kids. The students have their uniforms on, and the others are in their regular clothes. We are so blessed by Feed My Starving Children and Love A Child to have this nutritious food.

Last night Pastor Do told me that we needed to visit Jerusalem III sometime, so I said what about tomorrow (Sunday)? He said great, so we got up this morning and headed down the mountain to Port au Prince, and on the way Pastor Do said, “You are preaching, aren’t you?” I said, of course, in season and out. When I was introduced I told them that I had not prepared anything, but I knew my Father in heaven had something to say. As usual, God did what He does, and He gave me the words to say. He said He would not fail us nor forsake us. What a promise! Tomorrow we will be going to Port to get ice and some more groceries for the team coming in Tuesday. Please be praying for safe arrival in Haiti for the Wright Baptist Church team.

Haiti June 10, 2014
Pakistan June 1, 2014