Report by Betty Isenhower

Where do I begin to say what a blessing this trip has been! From the very first day I have been amazed at the friendliness and love we have been shown. The teachers were so eager to hear the things we were teaching and wanting to know more. Some of the teachers had to walk for over 2 hours in the hot sun and over rocky roads to get here. It makes me appreciate how God has blessed us and wonder how we can take so much for granted.

The children are always wanting to play and hold hands – children have a universal language of love and smiles. Just knowing that we have been here and are helping the teachers to have better ways of teaching the children makes this trip worth it. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here and to be a part of what God is doing in this place.


Report by Vicki Thornell

I came to Haiti to teach teachers, and yet I leave having been taught so much more. The love that is being poured out to us as we work is beyond imagination. No matter how often I come, it never ceases to amaze me how many blessings I get by being here. The teachers at the conference were so attentive; they hung on almost every word we spoke. They showed great interest and enthusiasm in each group, making it easy to teach and share with them.

It has been especially fun to share our time with our rescued puppy, Cinco. She came to the mission house very sick, barely able to walk or even hold up her head. Today, she’s bouncing around and playing like any normal healthy pup. It’s amazing what nutrition and love has done for her – she has been great entertainment for all!

Haiti July 1, 2015
Haiti June 29, 2015