Report by Madison

We are the youth from our mission team, and we have experienced the love of God while serving in Haiti this past week. I have experienced giving my love to the children of Haiti as they ministered back to me. I have seen kids who were hungry and needed God’s love. I felt a burden in my heart to help with their understanding about God and how he can supply their needs. I had not realized how fortunate we are in America and what God has done for us. One of the most special things I did this week was tell a story about Adam and Eve. I could see the joy on the kids’ faces as we connected in the spirit. I am still young and have a lot to learn, but I know that God used me here in Haiti. I challenge all youth who are interested in sharing God’s love to come to Haiti.


Report by Tristen

I would have never imagined what I have experienced while here in Haiti. The kids my age encouraged me with their strong faith. I played with Haitian kids in my age group and realized they are less fortunate than kids in America. They treated me as if we have been friends for years. We played games and laughed a lot. I was able to share the story of David and Goliath with some of the village children. From the both of us, we hope to return soon.

Haiti July 18, 2015
Haiti July 16, 2015