I was invited to join Art Wilson, founder of Gang Rescue, at one of the detention centers in Fort Walton Beach, FL, to share with the young men that are incarcerated there. I have spoken several times at different centers and it is always a joy. These are young men from all over the state of Florida that have committed crimes. Some are in gangs and others are from troubled homes. These young men voluntarily come to a gym where they have church every Sunday. Art, along with others, are there to encourage these young men to follow the Lord, not the way of the world or the gangs. Several young men came to me to pray for them, and asked about going to Haiti with me. I always give them my card and tell them to call me when they get out. It will be a great day when one of them goes with us to Haiti and we watch God change his life.



December 2, 2007 Shalimar Baptist Church Shalimar, FL
December 1, 2007 Mike and Sherry Wright's house