I recently took a short trip to Haiti, and everyone has been asking me how the situation is there. Well, here is what I observed. It seems safe enough around the airport, has been for about a month, but going out to the provinces like Z’Orange is like playing Russian roulette–there’s about a 50:50 chance of being robbed. In the last 20 years we have never been robbed. But this year we have been robbed 2 times. The last time was about 3 weeks ago, when we went to get food for the children at Love A Child. A gang stole part of our food and $500 (which was for transportation and spices for the food). On a lot of these roads they are putting up roadblocks and, in some cases, welding vehicles together to keep people from going around until they pay the gang.

I thank God for all of you! Thanks to you, all of our teachers are getting paid every month, and we are able to give Ginette and the interpreters money each month also. This is huge in Haiti, considering the policemen, teachers, nurses, doctors and government workers have not been paid in over 6 months. Most of the people there have lost their jobs due to the burning of businesses. Even the street vendors can’t sell their products, for the gangs will steal all that they have.

Love a Child, where we get our food that is sent to them by Feed My Starving Children, just recently had one of their drivers and truck taken by a gang. They paid to have their driver returned, and now are waiting to see how much it will cost to get their truck back. To read more, go to the Love A Child Facebook page.

We are praying to be able to take teams in February and May 2020, along with many others, but we have to assess the situation ahead of each proposed trip to see if it will be safe.

Our Number 1 need is prayer – always. Without prayer nothing will work.
Secondly, we need funding for food, Ginette & the interpreters, medical needs, and needs in general for Haitian families.

Sponsor a Student – One of our most important ministries in Haiti is supporting our school and the children in the village.  With a small monthly donation of just $30 dollars, you can give a child in need a good Christian education and a hot meal each day. Can you imagine how we change the world starting with just one child at a time? Please consider sponsoring a child today by clicking on Sponsor a Haitian Student on the sidebar (right side of this page).

What a great season to give! Merry Christmas!

December 28, 2019
November 3, 2019