Haiti September 13, 2014

Unless otherwise specified, all reports are from Brother Chuck




Construction team getting ready to go home.


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Haiti September 12, 2014

Unless otherwise specified, all reports are from Brother Chuck

Kids playing on see saw
Abe & Andy painting lid to cistern
Bill , Blanco & Joe working on tables
Pat with his helpers
Little boy at mission house
Abe painting metal door on mission house
Mission house dining area
Andy found a friend
LIttle boy happy to have water
Bill & Joe reparing tables
Kids watching Bill & Joe work
kids playing
Happy for food from Feed My Starving Children Food from Love A Child
Haitian lady we gave food to
Little boy on side of road
Little girl carrying water
Bill with Haitian carpenter
Carpenter has new tool
Haitian Carpenter kissing carpenter's plane Bill gave him
Proud mother
Lady washing clothes
Kids at well
Foundation for school office

It’s the last day and we’re finishing all the projects and putting away the tools. It is very important for us to label all our trunks so that we know what we have and what we need. This is also very helpful for the next team.

This group has been great. They built the outdoor classroom, painted the school inside and out, repaired desks and tables, repaired the seesaw, and numerous other small jobs in the mission house. I want to thank everyone who made these projects possible. All the materials needed – lumber, tin, cement, etc. – are very expensive in Haiti. You can double the American prices, and you will be close to the cost of materials here.

After lunch today Bill, Andy and I did a little walkabout to give some food out and to take a carpenter’s plane to a Haitian carpenter here. As you will see in the photos, he was smiling from ear to ear – he kissed the carpenter’s plane, he was so happy! You can also see the tables and chairs that he makes in the photos.

What a blessing it has been for us to serve the Lord here this week.

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Haiti September 11, 2014

Unless otherwise specified, all reports are from Brother Chuck

Jerusalem IV
Jerusalem IV
Jerusalem IV
Simon & Pastor Jeremy in Jerusalem IV
Pastor Jeremy preaching
Jerusalem IV
Jerusalem IV
Jerusalem IV
Pastor Do praying for people who came forward
Pastor Do, Pastor Angelo, Pastor Simon
Freshly painted chalk boards
Freshly painted chalk boards
Abe painting Pastor Do's house
Bill & Joe working on see saw
Joe & Bill finishing up on see saw
Andy painting
Little girl walking to get water
Pastor Jeremy & Pastor Mike leaving Haiti

Last night we had church at Jerusalem IV, and I mean we had church! As the people sang, danced and praised Jesus, dust rose up off the floor. As usual several groups sang before Pastor Jeremy was introduced, and then he sang “Give me Jesus,” which was beautiful. Afterward he preached on love and how if we love we are being obedient to Jesus and acting like Jesus, and if we act like Jesus we must forgive. When he was finished 8 or 9 people came forward and knelt on the dirt floor to ask for forgiveness and help to forgive others – it was moving.

This morning I drove Pastor Jeremy and Pastor Mike to the airport; God willing, they will be with their families tonight. It seems kind of strange without them here now. When I got back to the mission house, Joe and Bill were working on the seesaw they built many years ago. It is still in one piece, but the wood has rotted. Pat, Andy and Abe were finishing up the painting. It truly looks awesome. The inside and outside are finished and all chalk boards are painted. They are ready for school now.

Again, I want to thank all of you for making all of this possible.

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Haiti September 10, 2014

Unless otherwise specified, all reports are from Brother Chuck

Pastor Jeremy with new friend
Feeding the kids
Feeding the kids
Feeding the kids
Pastor Jeremy giving out Miranda's Bracklets
Miranda's braclets she made for Haitian Children
Miranda's braclets she made for Haitian Children
Finishing up roof on outside classroom
Team cutting tin
Bill & Joe working on outside classroom
Pastor Jeremy helping Joe & Bill
Bill & Joe putting on faceboard
Pastor Jeremy working on roof
Bill working on trim
Pastor Jeremy having a great time
Bill taking a little break
Finished roof on outside classroom
Andy & Abe painting school
Abe touching up windows
Andy loves to paint
Gary Householder's design for kindergarten
Gary Householder's design for kindergarten
Foundation for school office
The Householders sponsored student
Nancy Ham's sponsored student

Report by Pastor Jeremy

“Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks to the Holy One, give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son…” For many of you reading this, that is a familiar line to a praise song written years ago. I’ve sung that song hundreds of times in my life. But today I heard it in a way I’ve never heard it before: from a small group of Haitian children in an orphanage not too far from the mission house. Bro. Chuck invited me to accompany him up the mountain to take some food to the children. I always enjoy spending time with Chuck, so I certainly took advantage of the invite. I was little prepared for how my heart would be stirred and how I would be moved in such a way I’m not sure I’ll ever “get over.” At least I hope not.

We got to the orphanage and were greeted by beautiful children who seemed happy to see us. After we delivered the boxes of food, we were invited inside the main building on the property, which resembled a pavilion at a local park. It was nice. Block walls, open windows, concrete floor, and some plastic chairs. Suddenly, one young man pulled out his guitar and began playing “Give Thanks.” His playing was accompanied by sweet voices of the other children, who had gathered in a choir-like fashion, as harmonies broke out on the chorus: “…and now let the weak say I am strong, let the poor say I am rich because of what the Lord has done for us…” I couldn’t hold back the tears.

In America, I’m not so sure we fully grasp what it means to be poor or thankful. I don’t mean that to be rude. It’s just that when I see young orphaned children, living in such poverty, sing “let the poor say I am rich…” it takes on a whole new meaning. Jesus asked what does it profit a person to gain the whole world and yet lose his soul? Jesus got it. Jesus wants us to get it. What’s the it? To grasp the fact that because of God’s love expressed through Jesus, we all have the opportunity to be rich! Rich in what really counts. Our happiness, our gratefulness, should never be determined by what’s in our bank account but rather by what’s in our heart: Jesus.

Today I was in the company of some rich kids. No…not by the world’s standards. But I was in the company of some children that Jesus gave His life for. I’m humbled and tremendously honored that I got to be in the audience as the best version of “Give Thanks” I’ve ever heard was performed for our Father.

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Haiti September 9, 2014

Unless otherwise specified, all reports are from Brother Chuck

Jesus film in voodoo village
Watching  Jesus film in voodoo village
Children mezmerized by Jesus film
Eldery lady in Daniel's village
Boy in Daniel's village
Little girl in Daniel's village
LIttle girl in Daniel's village
Pastor Jeremy and Daniel (voodoo priest)
Andy & Pat with Daniel
Early morning full moon
Warehouse at Love A Child
Warehouse at Love A Child
Bobby (Love A Child) with Pastor Jeremy & Pastor Mike
Group with Mark Crea (CEO of Feed My Starving Children)
Gabriel at Love A Child
Pastor Mike & Pastor Jeremy loading food
Abe painting classrom
Andy painting classroom
Freshly painted classroom
Outside classroom going up
Team working on outdoor classroom
Boss working on office building

Report by Pastor Jeremy

Last night I had an amazing experience! Bro. Chuck took our team to a local voodoo village where Daniel, a voodoo priest, and his family lives. We showed the Jesus film and it drew a crowd of children and young people. Here’s the best part: we hung a sheet for a screen on Daniel’s house to project the movie on! Did you catch that?! We showed the Jesus film literally on the house of a voodoo priest…and with his permission!

During the movie there was hardly a sound or movement from the children. They were mesmerized by the film. Their eyes were fixed on Jesus! Right before the movie started, Daniel took the time to tell all of us (a crowd of 50 or more) that he loved us and that we had permission to use his house anytime, even if he wasn’t there! Imagine that! A voodoo priest responding to the love and respect Bro. Chuck and TEM has shown him for over 14 years.

Two quick observations about last night: 1) Love wins! 2) People are hungry for the gospel of Jesus. These precious children have hardly a thing to call their own. There’s hardly anything to distract them. Without much the world has to offer, they fixed their eyes on Jesus. There’s a lesson in there for all of us!

Jesus said for us to seek Him and His kingdom first, and all of our other needs will be met. Sometimes we forget that a relationship with Jesus means we don’t have to worry about trivial things. In our flesh we sometimes spend more time thinking, obsessing, and worrying over matters that really have no eternal significance while at the same time we tend to ignore the things that are important to Jesus. This trip to Haiti has been yet another reminder to me of what really matters. What’s important to God should be important to us.

This morning began for me getting up early and leaving the mission house around 6 a.m. with Bro. Chuck and Pastor Mike. We had a series of stops to make, with a visit to Love A Child Ministries being the first. There I witnessed an incredible work for the Kingdom taking place. Americans and Haitians, from various Christian ministries and denominations, working hand-in-hand to organize, assemble, and load trucks with food for Haitian children. TEM receives food each month from Love A Child Ministries, which receives their supplies from Feed My Starving Children ministry based in the USA. Because of the efforts of hundreds of people, TEM is able to provide thousands of meals for children in our school and people in our Haitian churches. Over a period of several years, we’ve seen a drastic improvement in our children. They look healthier and are able to learn better because of having access to nutritional food. I had the privilege of meeting several in leadership of these ministries, and I was so blessed to talk with them and hear how God is blessing all over the globe! I saw the heart of fellow laborers for the Lord and I was reminded that what really matters to God is people, and what really blesses us is ministering to people!

I John tells us that God is love. John goes on to say that love is NOT us loving God, but loving ONE ANOTHER! Think about that for a minute. Saying, “I love God,” is easy. Of course we love Him. He’s easy to love. But if we really want to love the way Jesus designed for us to love, we will love one another. That includes loving people we’ve never met. Loving people who are different from us. Loving people who some would even say are unlovable.

This morning, I saw love in action. I saw Kingdom business being taken care of. I saw first hand what Jesus meant when he said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.” I’m humbled to serve Him. I’m humbled to serve alongside some of the most phenomenal people I’ve ever met. I’m humbled to serve God’s people in Haiti.

I encourage you to seek Jesus today! Then you’ll have an easier time letting go and letting God have all the other things that you could waste time worrying about.

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