Haiti November 2, 2015

Unless otherwise specified, all reports are from Brother Chuck

I want to give thanks to our Lord, from whom all provisions flow; it never ceases to amaze me how He continually provides. And thank you all for your prayers and gifts; Gabriel is in working condition again. I still need to order a few minor parts for Gabriel – such as running lights and horn – but the main problem was the brakes, and all parts have been replaced. Thank you for being obedient to God’s direction. Hopefully, many more teams will be able to enjoy the ride up the mountain on Gabriel.

Report by Terrolyn Millsap

God has given us another beautiful day here in Haiti. We spent our morning having clinic at “Church of God.” Again, God flawlessly changed our plan into his own. We were blessed by being able to treat 134 patients. This morning’s clinic was unique, because we saw many more men and children than women. We believe this had a lot to do with Monday Market.

We had the opportunity to stop and explore the market. The crowds of people and the variety of the merchandise were overwhelming. The market offers everything from live chickens, turkeys and dried fish, to freshly picked bananas, avocados and many unidentifiable fruits and vegetables.

I believe I speak for our entire group when I say our stay here has been an amazing journey. We have seen God do many amazing things, and and He has touched each of our lives in some wonderful way. He has directed us each day and provided the wisdom and grace we needed to share His love, and He provided us with native Christians to interpret and bridge our communication gap. We will wake up in the morning prepared to leave this wonderful land. I know we will all thank our mighty God for this opportunity and blessing. Total patients seen = 1008.

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Haiti November 1, 2015

Unless otherwise specified, all reports are from Brother Chuck

Report by Rachel Robb

Jesus brought me to Haiti to go to Church. I haven’t been able to step foot inside a church building since my father (who was also my dearest and most favorite pastor) died 3 years ago. In fact, I’ve participated in not just 1, but 2 church services since my arrival here last week! This morning as Bro. Chuck spoke about forgiveness, I was moved to conclude that I have some heart work to do in regard to the church as a whole. Church…you have let me down. Church…you have left me alone. Church…you stole precious time away from my dad and me. Church…you have taught me incorrectly.

Apparently God knew I would need to travel a long, long way from my home and family to hear this message presented today: to forgive, as I have been forgiven – to love, as I have been loved. So…Church…I forgive you, and I will love you and accept you as you are. May we all do the same. Thank you, Bro. Chuck, for your heart’s message, and thank you for your work here in Haiti. I have felt more at home here in this church group than I have in many, many years. Interesting also is that my dad was one of the first men to come to this very area…and here I am walking where he walked and praying where He prayed. It has been a treasure to me I will never forget, to be a small part of the plan God has in store for the Haitian people here!

Today our mission team visited an orphanage up the mountain. I had expected to be overwhelmed with some kind of grief and sickened by the poverty; however, what we experienced was just what we’ve experienced throughout our stay here at the mission house…we experienced joy and peace among the people. Sure, there are material needs and there will likely always be poverty, but I will tell you one thing…these people have taught me about being content with what you have. They are survivors. They are brave and tough and, though they daily face adversity, they are to be commended for their love and joy. A friend of mine once told me, “Americans are so rich…all they have is money.” All these Haitians have is Jesus…and He is enough.

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Haiti October 31, 2015

Unless otherwise specified, all reports are from Brother Chuck

We began our day with a 30-minute walk to a small church called Palto. Here the medical team saw 222 patients. After lunch we went to Daniel’s voodoo village, where the team saw 87 more. It has been a very hot day here, but I have not heard one person complain. This team was definitely called to be here.


Report by Cheryl Peters

Amazing what God has for us every day. He reminds me daily of what I have to be thankful for. He shows me the Haitian people’s thankful and grateful hearts. At church last night they were passionate with their praise; they know that God is in control and worthy of their praise – they were rejoicing in the Lord! So much they teach us as we are helping them. Their praise was contagious, and I think even those from our group who were not used to exuberant praise were drawn in. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for blessing us and them indeed. They are the example of the village taking care of each other. The interpreters, the cook, the mission leaders and assistants give of their time; they are so patient with us and plan ahead to meet our needs. We are blessed by each of them; please keep them in your prayers also – lift them up! Thank you to home churches and families praying for our safety and health. All is well…hallelujah!


Report by Jaycie Peters

It is great seeing all of these wonderful things happening at the clinic. I’m not a nurse, but to be able to watch and learn what the nurses do, it makes me feel like the world is a better place. Seeing all the Haitian people surround the Americans, wanting to learn about us and just “exploring” what we look like, makes me feel very grateful I am here today. It also makes me grateful that they are supportive of us being in their country. I would love to come back and learn more and more about God and the Haitian people. Since I have been in Haiti, God has spoken to me for the first time. It was amazing what He told me; all it takes is some time to listen and hear what God has to tell you. Before I came here, I was expecting it to be much worse. I am very thankful for the cook, the interpreters, and for the rest of the team’s support – we are a family. God bless.


Report by Amie Beadles

To end the day we went to the voodoo village. We had the privilege of walking to the village and seeing what a beautiful country God has created. The people of Haiti are beautiful on the inside and out. Each person we come in contact with is so grateful and appreciative. They have taught me to be grateful for the things God has blessed me with. The voodoo village was such a neat place, and I am thankful they allowed us to have a medical clinic there. Today we went to 2 great places and had the honor of helping 309 beautiful people. So far since Wednesday we have had the honor to treat 954 people, and we have been so blessed. I will leave you with these words, “God’s not dead, he’s surely alive.” He is living on the inside of each and every one of us.

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Haiti October 30, 2015

Unless otherwise specified, all reports are from Brother Chuck

The team is working tirelessly today at Jerusalem IV. I have never seen as many people there as there are today. They saw 240 people yesterday at Jerusalem I; they have already seen over 200 by noon today at Jerusalem IV, and there must be at least 100 more waiting (update: the team saw 405 patients total today). This team of 9 women with interpreters is working straight through the day in 95-degree weather, with just a short 10-min break to grab a sandwich. When they finish this afternoon they will come back to the mission house to eat and shower, then will be going back to Jerusalem IV for church tonight; it’s about a 20-min drive from the mission house. Please pray for this team as they do God’s work here. It is very hot, and they are working in an environment that most of them are not used to…sometimes I call it ‘controlled chaos.’ Everybody wants to be seen at the clinic, especially the mothers with their children. Thank you for your prayers.

I didn’t think someone from the team would have time to add to the report today, but Kat – leader of this group – did:


Report by Kat Chappell

No matter where we go, God is with us. No matter where we go, God has been there before us. He has no boundaries. God used everyone today in ways we could not imagine. We arrived at Jeruselem IV this morning around 8:30. Clinic started by 9 a.m. The team worked continuously, taking only a short break for lunch–short as in 10 minutes in the shade for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some water–only 1 or 2 at a time, so the clinic never stopped. All barriers, language, the elements, and the cultural differences were overcome. His light shined. His people were prepared to receive it.

It is amazing to me as God reveals and confirms what began so many years ago in this area. I am honored to say that what we saw 10 years ago, we are not seeing today. I believe it is because we have been faithful in service to our God and his people. For me personally, I began the journey with my own plan. Still, when we began yesterday, I asked Him in faith, “Lord, what is it you want me to do?” I was overcome with joy and humbled, as He has brought to us over 600 patients to see in the last 2 days. I thank Him for my skills He has given me as a nurse. I thank the other nurses and teachers that I’m sharing this journey with. And I thank you for your prayers and support as we continue to minister to His people.

For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. – 2 Timothy 1:7

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Haiti October 29, 2015

Unless otherwise specified, all reports are from Brother Chuck

This is the first day for the Learn and Earn team from Kanas City to hold a medical clinic at Jerusalem I. When the team arrived yesterday they were exhausted from sleeping in the airport and then having a 2-hour delay at the Miami airport the next morning, but this did not stop them – they jumped right into getting supplies ready for Thursday morning clinic. They did retire early, and were ready for clinic bright and early – people were lined up waiting for medical attention by 8:00 a.m.

I look forward to the day when the Lord provides for a clinic here where we can take care of not only everyday needs, but also necessary surgeries, and save lives in the name of Jesus. Please be in prayer with me about the clinic/hospital. If you have not seen the medical clinic video, click on ‘Support Z’Orange Medical Clinic’ on the home page of this website.

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