I have known John for many many years. He has the heart of a servant and missions. There is No sitting around with John. He is a blur of energy that surrounds him. He is always going, fixing or doing something.

Here is John’s Bio:
I came to Christ at nineteen during a revival service in my hometown church. Since then, the Lord has called me to serve in different settings. I’ve been blessed to work with youth both in church and as a coach. I have served as deacon in my church and taught Sunday School. God used these settings to prepare me for the bigger mission field allowing me to serve as a volunteer leader in multiple youth projects as part of a national program supported by the Southern Baptist Convention and I subsequently served as Project Coordinator for ten of these projects.

My passion is service of which God has called me to go beyond our borders to that of others. My first international trip was to Guatemala, and I have since served in Haiti and look forward to working with the people of the Dominican Republic to include the people of Haiti.

I am blessed to have six beautiful women as part of my family, my wife Robin and five daughters. God has filled my quiver with sixteen grandchildren and to Him I give the glory and praise.

We are Blessed to have John join the Board of Truth!

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