I was asked to speak at our local WMU meeting yesterday. We were celebrating a week of Prayer for International Missions.

Our host reminded us that 157,690 people enter eternity everyday without the Hope of Jesus. I hadn’t been in a while. It brought back a flood of memories. We had a couple of mission videos, ate some Lottie Moon cookies and prayed for our foreign missionaries. It was a good meeting.

We sang some Christmas songs and then it was time for me to speak. I gave a short report about our Dominican Trip that we took last March. I told them about not being able to get into Haiti because of the civil unrest. I gave them an update of the trips for the next year that I hoped we could go on if God allowed. Then I reminded them of this.

Watch for the Seasons-we all go through life and have different opportunities to serve the Lord. There are seasons of Going and seasons of Giving. We have seasons of Sharing and seasons of Caring. We can go across the Sea or walk across the Street. We should always be on Mission and have our hearts open “to help the least of these”.

These Seasons don’t last long and you may miss them if wait too long. God is calling you today. How can you help? Where can you go? Who needs to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ so that they won’t be added into the 157,690 lost daily?

Glory in the Highest
Yea Though I Walk Through the Valley