She tried to hold back the tears
As they took his body down
Bloody and beaten
His lifeless body lay there on the ground

He had taken his last breath
He suffered no more
His struggle was over
All Hope was gone

He was so young and full of life
Come to save a World that had gone so Wrong
They called him the King of the Jews
We called him Friend

Why did they do this
Why did he let them
Didn’t they know
He had come to save them also

Clinging to Her Son’s body
Mary wept tears of sadness
As she remembered it wasn’t long ago
That Angels had Heralded his coming

The babe wrapped in swaddling clothes
The Star above Bethlehem
He was to be the Messiah
The Savior of All Mankind

But today on the third hour
His Life was taken from us
The Hope of the World seemly gone

Today his Mother Wept

For Three Days
If We Had Only Known