Gabriel Now Has All New Tires

Today we had another excellent breakfast by Dottie and then went to the tire store to have our four new tires put on. Each tire costs $345.00. We now have all 10 new tires on Gabriel; thanks to everyone who helped us with this project.

Afterwards we went to order more food for Z’Orangé, which we will take there tomorrow. We ordered 20 bags of rice, 4 bags of beans and 4 cases of cooking oil. This small amount of food cost $1,120.00. You can see the food in the pictures.

After that we took care of some of our Haitian brothers and sisters here in Port-au-Prince who help us. They have problems from medical to lack of food. I praise the Lord that we were able to help them. We then went and picked up the food so we would have it loaded so we can leave early in the morning.

We had to do a little work on the truck but we should be ready to head up to Z’Orangé tomorrow. Please be praying that we make it to the village and deliver God’s food to His people.

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September 20, 2008
September 18, 2008