An Eventful Day
Another early morning with an excellent breakfast at Dottie’s Guesthouse. After breakfast we followed Dottie to a large warehouse, actually several warehouses that were full of food (rice, beans, oil, flour, sugar, etc.). It is hard to understand all that food in the warehouses that they are selling while people are desperately in need of food in this country. There are over a million people that are displaced now with nowhere to go. We purchased some food for the school that Dottie’s organization has and we delivered it around noon time. They teach kindergarten through the eighth grade. All of the kids spoke English except the new little ones in kindergarten. They teach them the Bible, French, English and all the other subjects that are required up to the eighth grade.

Afterwards I took Bill to Batimat, where I buy all my lumber, concrete, tools, etc., and introduced him to Patrick, one of the owners. We are making arrangements to purchase materials for the school in Z’Orangé and for Jerusalem II church. When we finished we went to a tire place where we will be purchasing four new tires for Gabriel. They cost $345.00 each but praise the Lord, we had someone send the money to purchase these. This will complete 10 new tires on Gabriel. Hallelujah!!!!

Tomorrow we will take the truck to have the new tires put on and order some more food to take to Z’Orangé on Saturday. Please be praying for that trip. We also will be going to a house where one of our interpreters needs help. He is married and has two children and his roof is in bad need of repair. He also needs food, as most people do. Some of you know him, his name is Simeon. We have several people that we work with here in Port and we are going to try to help them as much as we can.

It was a very eventful day today and we actually got back to Dottie’s a little after 3 p.m. so we got some nice relaxing time.

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September 19, 2008
September 17, 2008