A Christian brother in Pakistan that we have partnered with for the last several years has been taking in children who have no parents. This little girl, Lachami, and her parents were in a car accident over a year ago. Her parents were killed, and Lachami has not been able to open her mouth to eat due to her injuries since the accident; she has been fed through a straw. TEM learned of this little girl and her need for surgery, and we sent $500 to cover the cost. Due to complications a second surgery was required, which cost another $300. Praise the Lord, now this little girl can open her mouth and eat solid food. She wanted to thank everyone at TEM for showing her the love of Christ, and she says she is so happy and thankful to Jesus that now she can eat. We have a need for the additional $300 to pay the hospital for this surgery. If the Lord leads you to help this little girl, please let us know – what a wonderful way to show the love of Christ in a Muslim country! You can go to our website and use PayPal, or send your love offering to TEM, 1945 Patrician Way, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547.

India April 26, 2013
Haiti March 30, 2013