This was our 2nd annual TEM Dinner, and we had as great time as we did last year. I had asked Lewis Miller if he would assemble an ensemble group and open up with a hymn, and everyone joined in to start the celebration. It was a celebration to our Lord for what He had each one of us do to further His Kingdom. I thank God for each person that was there and the ones that weren’t that have prayed, given and gone on mission trips with TEM. We are one body and one spirit with one God. I am so blessed to have so many people helping with so many parts of the ministry. I’m hesitant to mention any names because I know I will forget somebody so I would just like to thank everyone who helped in the kitchen, set up the tables and cleaned up. I would also like to thank everyone that sends out thank you cards and get well cards, makes the deposits, keeps the books, created and manages the web site, creates the DVD’s, the people in Wright Baptist Church office and everyone that prays, gives and goes with us. God knows who you are and the rewards are great whether you want them or not. It always amazes me how many people have volunteered their time to TEM to do God’s work.

After the singing, we had a Haitian dinner of beans, rice and chicken and then I thanked everyone, and couldn’t help to do a little preaching while I had the audience. We then watched a DVD about what the Lord has had TEM do since last September. Then my brother, Will Tiller, spoke about what TEM has meant to his life and how it has changed his life. We watched a few more videos and told of the upcoming trips on October 26 to Haiti and then on December 1 to Pakistan. We already have plans for Haiti in January and March of 2009 and Israel in February (tentatively). Again, we just had a wonderful time celebrating what God has done.

If you didn’t make this one there will be in September 2009. Don’t miss it!

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October 27, 2008 Day 1 of Preparation
October 12, 2008